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Susan Estelle Kwas is an illustrator and part-time educator at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. She enjoys working in traditional mixed media such as gouache, colored pencil, watercolor and graphite. She is currently indulging her passion for beautiful books by studying fine binding at the American Academy of Bookbinding. When not making art, which is really,really hardly ever, she is a devoted traveler, journal keeper (illustrated, of course), movie goer and bike rider.

Clients include- Barnes & Noble, Bloomsbury Publishing, Chronicle Books, The Chicago Tribune, Cincinnati Magazine, Cirobe, The Cricket Magazine Group, Degrippes Gobe Group, Disney Corporation, Dutton Children’s Books, Entertainment Weekly, Harcourt Brace, HarperCollins Publishers, Houghton Mifflin, Innovative Kids, The LA Times, Loyola Press, Midwest Living, Mudpuppy Toys, The Southern Poverty Law Center and Springtide Press


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